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Drug Addiction Treatment

Battling Drug Addiction in Paterson

Heroin is also known as Diamophorine. It induces around a 6-8 hour high and is of the opium poppy variety.

One reason for the increase in heroin addiction is because of the tighter control on prescription drugs by doctors. This has shifted those who opted for a quick high to the cheaper alternative. Furthermore, research concludes that almost one third of those who try heroin get addicted to it.

Prescription medications include, but are not limited to: Xanax. All of these drugs are physically and emotionally addictive and should be treated with great respect. These medications need to be used as prescribed in order to avoid an addiction. If you find yourself abusing the medication, please contact your prescribing physician immediately or call the staff at Affordable Rehab of Paterson .

It is rare that the person abusing prescription medication began taking these medications with the idea in mind of becoming an addict. In general terms, the person takes the medication to "feel better" physically, hoping they will gain some relief from their pain. Another effect of the medication is it provides people a feeling of "well being", which they have been lacking. In an attempt to reduce the pain even further and enhance the feeling of "well being", the individual begins to take additional medication. What happens is a tolerance to the drug is developed, so the person requires more and more medication. Soon, the feeling of "well being" can not be achieved, the pain although diminished is still present, but an addiction to the medication is now present.

If addicted, never discontinue the use of prescription medication on your own. There can be severe medical and psychological consequences. Please call Affordable Rehab of Paterson at call (201) 241-3132 and we will assist you in locating a quality healthcare professional or detox program.

Reasons for Addiction

Heroin addiction is costly. It causes more deaths than traffic accidents annually. Its addiction is not only limited to junkies or homeless persons, more and more professionals and youngsters are also getting hooked to it. It is estimated that 23% of people who use it become addicted to it. One reason people get addicted to heroin is due to its abundant supply and availability. Heroin comes from all parts of the world like: Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia and Southwest Asia.

Forms of Addiction

The healthcare community distinguishes between physical dependence and psychological addiction. The physical dependency a substance creates is defined by the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued. While opiates and drugs such as marijuana are also considered addictive, but do not create a physical dependence. This leads most professionals to the conclusion that while physical dependency is a major factor in addiction, the primary factor of an addictive drug is its ability to induce euphoria or pleasurable feelings, while causing harm to the individual.

Psychological addiction is best defined as a dependency of the mind, which leads to psychological withdrawal symptoms. An addiction can be given birth for any rewarding behavior but, tends to do so in individuals with emotional dysfunction and takes the place of normal and healthy positive stimuli. With that being said, most addictions seem to exhibit both a physical and psychological component.

With all of this being said, it is clear that not everyone agrees on what sex as addictions rather than disorders. A point of contention might be that eating disorders, like other behavioral addictions, are usually considered to be primarily psychological disorders. The issue of debate is that they are sometimes treated as addictions, especially if they contain elements of addictive behavior or withdrawal. An eating disordered person may experience symptoms of withdrawal if they alter their intake of sugar, or caffeine. Both possess the potential for addiction.

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